The globe has a growing desire for sustainable products, policies, and brands.

Because of that, brands are placing eco-goals at the forefront.

Before we get into the four tips, let’s back up. What is a sustainable brand?

According to Forbes, a “sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into its business operations.” In this article, Forbes also notes that many companies considering themselves to be sustainable “only meet one-third of this definition.”

So, if you’re thinking about building an authentically sustainable brand, we have the tips you need to get started with purpose and follow through.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss:

  1. Crafting an on-brand mission statement.
  2. Navigating trial and error when building a sustainable brand.
  3. The importance of educating your audience.
  4. Creating conversation around your eco-friendly product or service.

We built Bax Botanics as an affordable, sustainable brand from conception to our first sale.

Through building our award-winning products, we’ve learned a thing or two. Below, you’ll find out how we did it and how you can too!

  1. Craft an on-brand mission statement.

Your mission statement is a potential customer’s window into what you’re all about. By tying your eco-goals into your mission statement, your sustainable values are front and center.

Be specific and true to your intentions. For example, Bax Botanics is “designed by nature,” which speaks to the unique, natural flavor profiles of our alcohol-free spirits. Don’t be afraid to get creative with many, many drafts.

You can start by identifying the elements of your brand that make it sustainable and how that improves your customer’s experience.

Before you or your copywriter craft a mission statement, you want to know:

  • What makes you sustainable? What impact can you have?
  • Understand the needs of the people buying your product (target audience).
  • Define your brand values.
  • Be clear about what sets you apart from the competition.

2. Trial and error is your friend when building a sustainable brand.

No one gets it right on the first try, and you’d be suspicious if they did! Building a sustainable brand often requires a trial and error period because it’s essential to nail it. You want to be able to support your claim of going green.

Having sustainability as a brand pillar means we’re constantly trialing new practices and products. Plus, we consider it in every decision we make. When designing our closed loop distilling system, it took us a few times to get it just right.

But because we got it right, our distillery recirculates water instead of wasting it!

We encourage you not to cut corners when faced with obstacles because your perseverance will pay off when you find success.

It’s also important to feel confident in your ability to back up your product or service. Perfecting your craft will fuel your confidence when speaking about and pitching your sustainable brand.

3. Educate your audience and provide social proof.

Your audience could be unaware of how sustainability works in your specific niche. If you want customers to find your product valuable and see the benefits, it’s up to you to educate them.

The best way to educate your audience is through authentically crafted website copy and social media platforms. What might seem like boring “behind the scenes” information is often intriguing to followers.

Be transparent about what makes you unique! Keep an open line of communication with customers about your sustainable efforts. Did you hit an eco-goal this month? Were you recognized for your efforts? Let ’em know!

Also, show real-life examples of people using your product and highlight how it’s improving their experience.

Customer education should play a key role in your overall marketing strategy.

4. Create Conversation.

When building a sustainable brand, creating conversation goes hand in hand with educating your audience. As you educate your audience, they’ll naturally start chatting about it with others in the comments.

Use that to your advantage!

Pay attention to what interests your commenters and how your product impacts their life. The more you know, the better conversations you can create.

By doing this, you’re building better brand awareness and increased word-of-mouth marketing!

Ready to build your sustainable brand?

As we enter 2022, it’s clear that sustainability will continue to climb on the list of importance consumers hold close.

If you’re inspired to build a sustainable brand, we need you! Sustainably motivated business owners have never been more important or necessary.

Recently, Bax Botanics was awarded a Global Good and BTI Award, an incredible honor. In the alcohol-free beverage space, our sustainability efforts set us apart. While the perks of awards are so encouraging, our actions come from an authentic passion, and we’d like to believe that makes all the difference.

With the holiday season just around the corner, stock up on Bax Botanics, so you’re ready to craft a cocktail designed by nature for yourself, family, and friends!


Written for Bax Botanics by Nicole Nettell. November 2021.