Bax Botanics alcohol-free are thrilled to be supporting ‘Planted Cities’ this year at King’s Cross for this year’s London Design Festival 23 – 25 Sept.

Planted, is a design, events and media platform promoting nature-based brands and businesses, they will create a stunning off-grid mobile cabin installation in Granary Square, with an inspiring and educational talks programme titled ‘Natural abundance, Unnatural waste.’

This eight-part talks programme across three days is free to attend and there are some fantastic talks planned. Have a look here and see.

Please register here to attend Natural Abundance, Unnatural Waste


11am – Designing spaces for nature What are the human benefits of designing spaces with nature in mind?  Hosted by Oliver Heath. Panellists: Dr Gemma Jerome (Building with Nature), Nick Grayson (Birmingham City Council) and Dr Alia Fadel (Leeds Beckett University)

1pm – Anthropocene Abundance How do we harness toxic by-products and create circular productions systems in a bid to clean our planet? Hosted by Sam Peters. Panellists: Ian Burn (Camira Fabric), Tommie Eaton (BambuuBrush) and Helen Gordon (Kite Creative)

2.15pm – Hope in Hell; an audience with Jonathon Porritt Jonathon Porritt will be speaking about his new book “Hope in Hell”, about the urgent changes we must make to our economic systems to avert irredeemable damage to our planet. Hosted by Sam Peters

3pm – The power of nature What are the clean green options available for powering our buildings and cities and create truly circular systems of energy consumption? Hosted by Oliver Heath. Panellists:  Agamemnon Otero MBE (Energy Garden), Michaela Cryer (Younity), Justin Etherington (Buro Happold)


11am – Wasting away We will discuss best practice in design when it comes to minimising waste, carbon consumption and striving for truly circular systems. Hosted by Sam Peters. Panellists: Sam Boex (Flexi-Hex), Mary McLeod (KanKan) and Marie Carlisle (Goldfinger)

1pm – Wasted spaces Vast swathes of our towns, cities and buildings could be handed back to nature but lack of thought, education and will on the part of authorities. What are the benefits of infusing our urban spaces with nature, where are the big wins when it comes to rewilding and regenerating them? What role can green roofs, green walls and nature corridors play and how can we convince all local authorities and gardeners to stop needlessly strimming, concreting over and destroying natural habitats? Hosted by Oliver Heath. Panellists: Sian Moxon (Rewild My Street), Dusty Gedge, David Mooney (London Wildlife Trust)

3pm – Wasteland and sea Our river systems are being poisoned by run off from agriculture and mismanagement of sewage and other waste. What we put into the soil eventually works its way into our rivers and seas and ultimately prevents access to nature by poisoning marine life and scaring people from getting in the water through threat of getting ill. How big is the problem and what is being done to prevent it?  Hosted by Sam Peters. Panellists: Johnny Palmer (Solcell), Zac Goodall (Riverford)


1pm – Trees and seas Plastic Oceans Europe will be promoting their trees and seas campaign which aims to unite ocean and forest conservation worldwide. Their team of activists will be helping to co-ordinate a canal clean up along the Grand Union canal which runs through the King’s Cross estate.  Hosted by Plastic Ocean Europe Panellists: Sam Peters (Planted), Lucy Houliston (Reserva Youth Land Trust) and Alex Mytton (Private parts podcast)

We are supplying our new canned drinks to the panellists and are very proud to be supporting who are promoting nature-based brands and businesses.

The nature-inspired cabin, designed by Out of the Valley, will be furnished with beautifully crafted pieces by award-winning British brand Another Country, Naturalmat’s 100% organic natural bedding materials, Marque Sussex’s well-crafted ethical furniture pieces, decorative lighting by Tala and insulated with Thermafleece’s natural hemp.