Bax Botanics alcohol free spirits founders Chris and Rose in there woodland.


Our journey from foraging and teaching to alcohol free spirits producers has been a strangely natural progression.  After years of inspiring our clients at ‘Taste the Wild’ we came with a product that took everyone by surprise.

“I had been flavouring alcohol with herbs and botanicals for years and then one day tried to recreate a recipe using spring water.”  Says Rose.

Yorkshire is our home and we started distilling flavours from our woodland.  In time we looked further afield at exciting botanical ingredients both wild and cultivated.  In our quest for sustainability we tracked down organic, fair traded and fair wild herbs and it is with these we created the drinks we have today.  Carefully balanced, using knowledge and experience gained from our years spent experimenting with exciting ingredients.

” I think about the mood and feelings that a drink create in a person each one of our drinks has been designed to suit different tastes.”

Bax Botanics Alcohol-Free Spirits.

Designed by Nature.