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Our drinks are artisanally crafted in beaten copper stills for the purest flavour using only the best Fairtrade, organic botanicals.

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  • Bax Botanic's Sea Buckthorn served in a glass with ice and orange rind.
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Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is a luxurious alcohol-free spirit boasting rich, complex & bittersweet flavours that will excite your palate.

Bittersweet Seville Orange, aromatic Mediterranean herbs, and Sea Buckthorn berries give the drinker a relaxing evening sipper. “These flavours de-stress me at the end of the day” says Rose, “the long finish is like a good quality gin. I love it with bubbly tonic, ice, and a strip of orange zest”

Bax Botanics are proudly designed by nature and pay homage to the ingredients they use. Whether that be through sourcing organic and ethically grown herbs, using sustainable and recycled materials, or putting the plant front and centre on the bottle (yes, that’s a microscopic image of a plant cell). The unique Sea Buckthorn berries are the focus of this bold and concentrated alcohol-free spirit that brings an intensity you don’t always get in the non-alc category.

What does it taste like?

Nose: warming & pungent aromatics, fruity with fresh herbs

Palate: dry and bitter, complexity driven by the Sea Buckthorn berries, citrus notes of Seville oranges, depth from underlying herbs like rosemary & thyme and finishes with a subtle spicy & acidic bite

Conclusion: it is an award-winning spirit for a reason, it’s unique and bursting with flavour


It is essential to try the classic Bax & Tonic (1 part Bax, 3 parts premium tonic) over ice with a twist of orange zest but Sea Buckthorn also plays well with others. Try it in different variations of the non-alcoholic Negroni or with ginger ale.

“There’s a reason why this offering won a Great Taste Award – it truly does have a sublime flavour, as well as sleek packaging. Reminiscent of a gin, this fragrant spirit has notes of Mediterranean herbs (to me it smells of freshly picked rosemary) and berries. Another reason I love Bax Botanics is that it’s a small, sustainably run business with a real passion for delivering high-quality drinks at no detriment to the planet. Their other offering, Verbena, is also well worth checking out if something citrussy is more your bag.” @cosmopolitanuk

  • Bax Botanics Verbena and tonic at a party.
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Verbena is bright, botanical and bold. It’s refreshing herbal profile will awaken your senses.

Vibrant, refreshing citrussy notes make a perfect lunchtime drink or early evening sipper. Tasting notes of Lemon Verbena with bright menthol, anise and subtle florals characterise the style. “This zingy drink makes a perfect aperitif,” says Chris, “I love it’s herbal gin like qualities.” .

Bax Botanics is proudly designed by nature (literally, our labels are made from sugar cane waste material). We have used our expertise and experience in the world of botanicals to craft a beautifully complex and concentrated non-alcoholic spirit. While other alcohol-free spirits can miss the mark in terms of potency, Verbena manages to balance both delicate & powerful aromas and flavours.

What does it taste like?

Nose: clean, vibrant & fragrant bouquet, herbaceous notes of lemon thyme, mint & green tea

Palate: dry & zesty, lemon verbena forward, fresh mountain herbs, citrus, lemongrass, fennel, lightly floral with a long zingy finish

Conclusion: Verbena’s strength will shine through in any cocktail, all while welcoming you to a peaceful grassy & floral meadow


It is essential to try the classic Bax & Tonic (1 part Bax, 3 parts premium tonic) over ice with a curl of cucumber but great too with many others we particularly love a Bax Mojito.

“It’s full of beautiful flavour. Having tried several other brands this certainly is a perfect way to start exploring low and no alcohol drinks; vibrant and elegant with tonic or soda, it also mixes well into spritzers, mojitos and lots of other light, zesty cocktails. A definite must-try, if something citrussy is your bag”  Zanna Mercer – London.

Traditionally Crafted in

Copper Stills

Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging

Ethically Sourced, Organic Ingredients

Made in Yorkshire,


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Made by us, but designed by nature. We make beautiful botanical non-alcoholic gin alternatives. We believe in authenticity, great taste, sustainability, and innovation. We have two stunning flavours: Sea Buckthorn and Verbena. The first with a rich, bittersweet fruity profile, the second zesty, herbal and refreshing. Both at their finest paired with a quality tonic. This isn’t an alcohol-free gin, it’s better! Well we believe so anyway!

A really lovely alcohol-free gin, the best one I have tried.”


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