Bax Botanics is a range of intense alcohol-free spirits whose complex flavours are inspired by the beauty of our local countryside and wild landscapes. “We have created unique botanical flavour combinations that highlight the value and diversity of wild foods right on our doorstep.” Says Chris Bax founder of Bax Botanics.


As well as background skills in woodland management and bushcraft, we have a history of working with wild flavours; refining our skills and expertise through years of botanical teaching and hands-on chefing. Since launching Taste the Wild, back in 2008, we’ve worked with chefs and novices alike to teach the best ways of gathering wild herbs, foraging for flowers and identifying edible fungi. Our work has aimed to pioneer the use of real plants and botanicals and show how these unconventional ingredients can be incorporated into uniquely delicious recipes. From Gorse flower jelly and Spruce syrup to Hogweed Spiced Flapjacks and Ground Ivy Ice Cream; we’ve honed our botanical taste buds through fifteen years’ experience to create chef-approved dishes packed full of superb, wild flavours.


Our passion for experimenting with complex foraged flavours paved the way for Bax Botanics, which came together as a culmination of our work with wild food. After years of infusing alcohol with natural ingredients, we swapped spirits for pure spring water to create something new. Unlike traditional spirits, where the intensity of alcohol can often overpower the subtle infused flavours, distilling our alcohol-free spirits allowed room for more complex layers of taste. Through our carefully composed blend of herbs, roots, berries and flowers, we’ve managed to capture the same imaginative flavour combinations we’ve loved over the years, while creating a pure, natural drink with all the versatility of an alcoholic spirit. This versatility means Bax Botanics drinks are perfect for cocktails; and whether mixed with tonics, sodas or cordials, the robust blend of ingredients allows nature to shine through.


As you’d expect, the production of our drinks is always carried out with the planet in mind, as the ethical and sustainable use of botanicals is at the heart of our company ethos. Instead of foraging for plant materials en masse, which can have a damaging impact upon our wild landscapes, we make sure to source our ingredients with awareness of sustainability and seasonality. It’s important to us that all our products are crafted with sustainably farmed, organic, and Fairtrade botanicals to ensure nature can thrive all year round.