WOW! We have just got medals for both of Bax Botanics alcohol-free spirits! It’s amazing how both drinks were loved equally by the judges, both scoring 83 points! If products don’t make the grade they are not even mentioned, so to have received medals for both our drinks is very special. Only those with medals are ‘Recommended’ by the judges.

We entered the BTI Awards this year as Bax Botanics drinks are now more widely available in the US and we wanted the market to have guidance from a well-respected trade institution. The Beverage Testing Institute have been reviewing drinks for the last 41 years.
“We have a deep commitment to impartiality, open-mindedness, and fairness. All of our tastings, ratings, and evaluations are done by trained panelists using our proprietary blind tasting methodology.” BTI

There are 24 drinks in the Alcohol-free medals list and Bax is the only UK alc free spirit brand to have two products with medals, so for tiny Bax Botanics it’s awesome!
America is an exciting new world for us and the BTI has given us medals! Woo hooo 😊