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 Last month tasted more than 75 alcohol-free spirits and chose their favorites.

Bax Botanics was one of them!

The article focuses on brands that don’t try to mimic traditional alcoholic spirits. in their words “Letting their unique profile speak for themselves”
There are a heck of a lot of products out there now so this guide will be great for those in the trade, building creative bar menus. They explain how different alc-free spirits can be mixed eg. with tonic, with soda, as a Sour or an Old Fashioned etc.

The first category is The Best Non-Alcs to top with tonic and
Susannah Skiver Barton says. ‘Unlike true gin, which must include juniper, many of these products explore uncharted areas of the botanical spectrum, making for pleasantly surprising sipping.’

You probably know that we never set out to make a gin, just great botanicals, so to have our vibrant verbena forward recipe up at the top of the list is fantastic!

Bax Botanics Lemon Verbena 
A refreshing mint and citrus profile strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and liveliness.”