The IWSC’s Low & No Awards sees entries growing for the third year. 2022 entries for the 1.2% and lower category were up over 225% versus the previous year demonstrating the continuing surge in popularity and relevance for these drinks.

David T Smith, member of the IWSC’s Judging Committee comments: “There has been real progress made in the low alcohol space over the past couple of years. It is very clear that producers are putting some serious time, effort, and innovation into increasing quality.”

It is amazingly exciting to see the Alcohol-free sector growing as well as it is. With more and more products available to consumers it is so important that the buying public has an arbiter of quality to help them make their decisions. 

Respected organisations like IWSC are using all their knowledge and experience as well as their incredibly qualified judging panels to guide consumers to the best products available.

We entered both our alcohol-free spirits for the first time and are delighted to have superb results for every category entered.

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn


In the Low/no category Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn received ‘Alternative Drinks Silver 2022’ This score of 93 puts the product higher than almost every other distilled alcohol-free spirit.

The category Low/No drinks and tonic, mixed spirits with Double Dutch tonic. Here Sea Buckthorn was awarded the ‘Low/No Drinks & Tonic Bronze 2022’ No numbers are given for bronze awards.

Judged by industry experts Christine Parkinson, Laura Willoughby, James Morgan and Amy Armstrong.

Their description of Sea Buckthorn is –

” Aromatic, herbal, Middle Eastern spices with a distinct floral note on the nose, astringent with green herb flavours, fruit and spice notes. Very good individuality. “


Bax Botanics Verbena


Bax Botanics Verbena also received two awards gaining an ‘Alternative Drinks Bronze 2022’ and Low/No Drinks & Tonic Bronze 2022 These Awards set Bax Botanics as a serious brand internationally and are recognised as some of the most prestigious awards in drink business.

Judged by industry experts Christine Parkinson, Laura Willoughby, James Morgan and Amy Armstrong.

They said about Verbena –

” Tropical, lemon and mint on the nose and palate, with green, grassy elements on the finish. “