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“Holy mother of cocktails, that looks good!”

Emily Clare Skinner

  • Rose carrying a sack of organic herbs through the Bax Botanics distillery

Who is making your alcohol free drinks?

July 10th, 2023|

We know who makes Bax's us!!!!! "Most non-alcoholic spirits are produced either in an undisclosed distillery that also produces alcohol or in a manufacturing plant by copackers that produce other consumer packaged goods as Read More

  • Rose Bax and Chris Bax - Co-founders of Bax Botanics

Five years young!

May 30th, 2023|

This week marks 5 years since the idea of Bax Botanics began to take actual shape. We had been pondering the idea of bringing a product to market but it was then that the idea Read More

  • Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn Alcohol Free Spirit – 500ml

    Sea Buckthorn is a luxurious alcohol-free spirit boasting rich, complex & bittersweet flavours that will excite your palate. Bittersweet orange, aromatic herbs, and Sea Buckthorn berries give the drinker a relaxing evening sipper. “These flavours de-stress me at the end…
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  • Two 500ml bottles of Bax Botanics alcohol-free spirits, one each of Sea Buckthorn and Verbena. The first with a rich, bittersweet fruity profile, the second zesty, herbal and refreshing. Both at their finest paired with a quality tonic. You'll love…
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