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“Holy mother of cocktails, that looks good!”

Emily Clare Skinner

  • Rose Bax and Chris Bax - Co-founders of Bax Botanics

Five years young!

May 30th, 2023|

This week marks 5 years since the idea of Bax Botanics began to take actual shape. We had been pondering the idea of bringing a product to market but it was then that the idea Read More

  • Bax Botanics Verbena Alcohol-Free Spirit – 500ml

    Verbena is bright, botanical and bold. It’s refreshing herbal profile will awaken your senses. Vibrant, refreshing citrussy notes make a perfect lunchtime drink or early evening sipper. Tasting notes of Lemon Verbena with bright menthol, anise and subtle florals characterise…
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    Enjoy a Bax Botanics classic serve wherever you might be, ready to drink and delicious! Our cans are perfect for those on the go moments, stocking up the fridge or trying Bax Botanics Alcohol-free spirits for the first time.  …
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