It is important to us to be an ethical business. Bax Botanics is a range of alcohol-free spirits, crafted with the planet in mind. We see our fresh and invigorating botanical drinks as a celebration of the natural world and the wonderful flavours that can be found in everyday plants and botanicals. Through our work, we aim to be as transparent as possible about our company ethics and undertake sustainable and nature-friendly practices throughout every stage of production. From creating and distilling our drinks to sending them off to our wonderful stockists and customers, we undertake clean, green practises to help protect the natural world that inspires us.

In crafting our spirits, we source our ingredients sustainably through the highly accredited Organic Herb Trading Company, where they’re grown organically and certified by the Soil Association. This means we know exactly where our botanicals are from and can pick and choose the best products not only for their taste and quality, but for their eco credentials. In choosing our ingredients, we try to purchase from companies as close to home as possible, in a bid to reduce our transportation demands. Our Lemon Verbena for example, the key flavour component in our Verbena Alcohol Free Spirit, is sourced from Spain rather than alternative providers in Paraguay, to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve carried this same conscientious ethos through to the bottling and packaging of our products, in order to make sure every aspect of our alcohol-free drinks are as kind to the planet as possible. We use eco-friendly packaging from Olympus printers in nearby West Yorkshire, who have a strict ‘zero to landfill’ policy. Both their labels and foils follow this scheme, through which Olympus have succeeded to remove over 500 tonnes of waste per annum from landfill. Our labels themselves are made from Bagasse, which is the husk fibre left over from sugar production; Paper from Bagasse or grape pulp seems a most eco-friendly product but where wood based paper is unavoidable, we ensure all our stock is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified and recycled whenever possible.

Finally, once bottled and ready to send to stockists, we use bespoke boxes to package and transport our goods. They’re designed to fit snuggly around our drinks, so not only does this mean we use less cardboard, but it also eliminates the need for plastic packaging fillers. The carboard itself has a high recycled content and is again sourced from a local company just 20 miles away in a further bid to reduce our transport emissions.

Really, it’s all about balance and doing your best. While we’re proud that our products are crafted with conscience, we endeavour to make the future of Bax Botanics even greener. We’re currently looking at new ways to take on eco-friendly production techniques and make the most of new PHA technologies. In the near future we’re looking to swap our plastic tamper evident seals to PLA shrink seals, made from biodegradable natural materials like sugar cane and corn starch.

Whatever we do, we strive to keep our planet in mind, and continue to be a company that cares ethical business practices.

Authored by Megan.  14.08.19