Doesn’t great food and drink lift the spirits? From comfort food to exciting new dishes, right across the spectrum food and drink made by creative people is fabulous. 

There’s a ‘but’ here! And that’s for all those that can’t or don’t want to consume everything. Many people have dietary requirements whether it’s a medical reason like allergies, or religious or ethical reasons. For those people it’s not always easy to be comfortable at social occasions. 

I think we all probably have a story of pretending to enjoy something we’ve thought was horrible, but for many it’s much more important than that and can cause serious physical or emotional distress.

Here’s the good bit. 
Now with so many innovators making strides in manufacturing techniques and new flavour combinations things are changing and there are products out there that are deliciously inclusive! . Let’s make sure no one is left out, it’s really important.

Do you want to find amazing free from food and drink?

If you are in the trade, register at The IFE and come and talk to The Free From Awards team about some of their award winning products. FFFA are the UK’s ONLY awards dedicated to free from food and drink.
This year we’re delighted that Bax Botanics alcohol free spirits and Ready to drink cans will be on the Free From Awards stand 1147 (IFE Excel 20th-22nd March 2023), in the Free From Pavilion. Don’t miss out, you will be able to taste samples and pick up contacts details.
The Free from Food awards celebrate the very best in free from and their eye-catching yellow logo assures that a product has been rigorously taste tested and has clear, compliant labelling. Food and drinks that win our awards are benchmarks in the category, and small producers and supermarkets compete on a level playing field for one of our coveted awards.
Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn 500ml bottles and Smooth Sea Buckthorn and tonic cans both have Free from food awards Gold medals.
Inclusivity is so important!