I think you will enjoy the article by Thierry Heins for Spirit Selection below.  I was very pleased to give my opinions and a little glimpse into how we distil alcohol-free drinks at Bax Botanics.

Here at Bax Botanics we have chosen to create an ethical, authentic, artisanally crafted product. It’s not the only way, but it is the only way for us!

It is incredibly important that the value of alcohol-free drinks is based on quality and taste, not some strange preconception that they should by their very nature be cheap.
There is no duty to pay, I get that… But take off the alcohol duty from a bottle of great artisan gin and you will get a price point equivalent to a bottle of Bax Botanics.

Alcohol-free has been considered the poor relation for too long.  The sector, the consumers and the quality brands deserve better!
Particularly the alcohol-free consumer, who has been fobbed off with cheap , low quality drinks for a long time.

We say cheers to quality, authenticity, sustainability and the true cost of all three!