These lovelies have family names too, but we have gone for ladies… please meet on the right Edith, and on the left Hephsibar haha, there’s an unusual name!⁠

Hephsibar was Chris’s great great grandma and mother to Ebenezer who you might remember is the teetotaller builder and preacher from Leicester who gave us the name for our first big still. ⁠

It’s a crazy tradition naming stills but they do develop characters and although I want them all to be very good, I especially hope that Edith is good as she’s named after my granny.

She was the one who taught me about wildflowers from a very early age, but she was a character so we’ll see if the still with her name has any particular quirks haha. ⁠

Both of our families have traditions of making things from stained glass to house building and cotton mills: the honesty and skill involved in craft distilling is something that gives us immense satisfaction. Creating a product that we are truly proud to serve to people is just the best feeling.

Thank you all for following our story.⁠ It’s an exciting time for us as we are rapidly expanding to keep up with demand in the UAE, USA, and of course the UK.

Rose and Chris