Reviews are great.  They give new buyers the confidence to make a purchase, they build brand credibility and it’s amazing how far they spread. They are so important for a growing business like Bax Botanics but more than that they are important to us as a team.

We are really proud of our what we produce here at Bax Botanics HQ. We have been lucky enough to win a few awards recognising our great flavours and also our sustainable business practices.

All amazing!

But above all that, what matters the most to us is what our drinkers think! It is a wonderful feeling to know that people love the products we have created.  It is equally good to know how we can improve what we do.  

We love getting your feedback!!  

So if you drink our drinks and you have a spare couple of minutes, please do leave us a review.

You can review on Facebook  – .

on Google  

or directly on the product pages of our website.

Here are couple of recent reviews that made our day.

“After enjoying the Verbena so much my partner bought another and also the Sea Buckthorn. We are both blown away with how complex and refreshing the blends are! I mean they are so different and completely stomp all over other brands on the market. Well done for producing these blends”  Gill. Facebook.

“One of the best alcohol free spirits I have ever had the pleasure of working with and mixing into drinks. Incredible with tonic or soda, and holds up really well in more complex cocktails. Citrus and savoury notes in perfect balance, the dry finish you hope for in a gin-adjacent spirit, all well rounded out with the deep, bittersweet orange backbone of the sea buckthorn.”


Thanks very much,

Chris and Rose