It’s been a big adventure mixing up Bax Botanics with alcohol-free Nine Elms and Noughty Sparkling.

Big flavours and cracking cocktails are coming your way! We’ve been mixing delicious summer spritzs: there’s a fruity Pimms, a Sangria and a Fennel Punch which contain all three brands. To make life easy for you, get the ingredient bundles at the Alcohol Free Co.

Fennel Punch


  • 25ml Nine Elms
  • 25ml Bax Botanics Verbena
  • 20ml Fennel syrup
  • 70ml Noughty sparkling wine
  • Ice

We absolutely loved this grown up alcohol-free punch with it’s berry fruits and balsamic notes, The freshness of the herbs comes through and gives a sophisticated semi sweet spritz. A recipe I will use time and again, we love it. The flavours build in the mouth to give a beautifully balanced and complex drink.


Pimms AF


  • 50ml Bax Verbena
  • 25ml Nine Elms
  • 15ml Triple Sec
  • Cucumber, strawberries and mint.

Never mind that there’s no tennis, just have a picnic and soak up the summer!  Subtle red berries of Nine Elms, summery herbs from Bax Verbena and bubbly Chardonnay flavours from Noughty – made extra Pimmsy by the cucumber, mint and strawberries!


Noughty nine problems but the sangria ain’t one.


  • Half a bottle of Nine Elms No.18
  • 100ml Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn
  • 50ml Triple Sec
  • Ripe strawberries sliced
  • A juicy peach or nectarine –thinly sliced
  • A cinnamon quill
  • 1 Star Anise
  • An Orange for twisting
  • Half a bottle of Noughty

The delicious party piece can be made in the morning and chilled in the fridge ready to top with fizzy Noughty when you’re ready.  Fruity, winey, complex, bitter-fruits, citrus, sweetness, acidity and bubbles. A grown-up alcohol-free version of the summer favourite!


Sarkozy 75

An alcohol free riff on the classic French 75.

  • 25ml Bax Botanic Verbena
  • 5ml Lemon Juice
  • 7ml sugar syrup
  • Noughty sparkling wine

Shake with ice and strain into a miniature coupe and top up with Noughty sparkling wine. Garnish with lemon and fresh Lemon verbena if possible.

Superbly Sour – Herbal – Fresh – Lively. the bright herbs of Bax Verbena complimented by the tang of lemon and a bubbly complex acidity of Noughty. Close my eyes and I’m in a gorgeous Parisian bar!


Sorry Lily

  • 15-25ml Nine Elms
  • Noughty

Pour 15-25ml Nine Elms into a flute glass and top up with chilled Noughty.

This is an incredible alc-free fruity bubbly, think ‘Kir Royale’ certainly I think your guests would be amazed to hear there is no alcohol in here. No compromise on taste here!

Thanks to James at Nine Elms Drinks and Hugh from Noughty Wine for working with our own Rose Bax on this amazing collaboration to create some delicious cocktails.