When you have poured so much experience and knowledge into a product, it sounds trite to say you love it, but when The Great Taste Awards give it a star, your heart fills with pride.
Our award-winning Sea Buckthorn – will soon be sporting the Great Taste black-and-gold sticker….
Now Sea Buckthorn will stand out from the crowd.
The Alcohol-free boom has given a great choice in the supermarket isles, delis or online stores, from beer and cider, wine and spirits. With the Great Taste Awards announced on the 1st August there is now something to help make a decision.
The little round stickers are ordered, and we’ll be adding them to bottles as soon as we can. If you want to go out for a drink of Bax Botanics or buy a bottle, there is a link here to our stockists.


What The judges said
“The concept of an alcohol free spirit is excellent. The judges feel that the product has a good flavour. The botanicals and juniper come through on the palate and give a bitter back taste, much like gin. We like the use of sea buckthorn.
A crystal clear drink with a strong aroma of sage and a little thyme too. Flavour wise we get lots of botanical herbs, mainly sage and thyme. Judges also pick up some subtle spicing and berry notes too. Interesting and thought provoking product with lots of possible applications. Great to see something new and innovative that excites the imagination.”

…It’s interesting to hear which botanicals they think are in the distillation.