Better for you – Kind to Nature

Banner showing bottles and cans of Bax botanics alcohol free drinks in a woodland setting.

We believe that pure plant flavours and balanced recipes give you a complex drink without the need extra additives.

Everyone is looking to be more healthy in their drink choices and a delicious alcohol alternative is a great start.

Here at Bax Botanics we keep the deck clean. Our only ingredients are the distillates made from organic botanicals, a little potassium sorbate to stop any harmful bacteria and citric acid to maintain freshness. That’s it! clean and pure. The ready to drink cans use the same spirit with our own simple tonic added.


0.0% alcohol.
Made with Organic botanicals.
Gluten free.
Vegan friendly.
No artificial flavours.
No thickeners or colours.
Zero sugar in bottles.
Fruit sugar in cans.

As we are a couple of nature lovers, we consider the environment in every part of the business. We want to tread as lightly as it’s possible to do. Using organic botanicals has and always will be fundamental to Bax, Our traditional distillery is based on centuries old techniques brought up to date with modern tech to cool and conserve water. Keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible too by using green electricity.

Measuring out organic fair trade herbs for our alcohol free botanical drinks


Only use Organic botanicals.
Fairtrade farmed with lowest food miles.
Closed loop water cooling distillery.
Bottle labels made from sugar cane waste.
Can labels made from recycled paper.
Bespoke boxes use minimum cardboard.
Recycled board used for boxes.
Distilled in small batches by real people.

The bottle labels are printed on Bagasse (waste from the sugar industry) by local printers committed to an excellent sustainability programme. Bespoke cardboard cases and mail-out boxes too are locally made and use minimum cardboard and no plastic infill. Little things like using recycled board with minimum printing saves resources and helps just that bit more.

Rowan tree leaves in a woodland setting

Our promise to support our community:

Bax Botanics is a small company that, although known nationally, plays its part in the local economy.

We buy as much as possible from local suppliers, keeping food miles low and local people in jobs. Some of the ingredients we need are from further afield and so they are imported but we have an amazing partnership with Organic Herb Trading who look after their growers overseas and pay fair wages for their produce. When looking for a new supplier we search out producers with the same sustainability ideals as ourselves.

A hand holding a can of Bax Botanics Alcohol free drinks