Spring cocktails can bring floral, herbal and light flavours to your tastebuds. At Bax Botanics we want
to help you on your spring sipping journey by sharing our foraging knowledge and giving you a
beautifully bright and tasty drink recipe.

Blossoms are plentiful in April and May and we’re all loving their gorgeous scents. You might
recognise elderflower in the hedgerows later in spring and perhaps some of the fruit tree blossoms.
Here Chris and Rose are sharing some foraging knowledge, for early spring, with an insight into
Gorse, a common edible blossom with a wonderful flavour!

We have created this inspiring alcohol-free cocktail with a base ingredient of Bax Botanics Verbena
and the unique taste of gorse. You might not have considered adding flowers to your alcohol-free
spirits, but gorse provides a coconutty, almondy, vanilla flavour to compliment the refreshing
crispness of lemon verbena and other botanicals. – Perfect for sitting in your garden and welcoming
the wonderfully warming weather; share the newly lighter evenings with someone special and toast
to new beginnings with this beautiful alcohol-free drink.

The bright herbal notes of Bax Verbena with the acidity in pineapple work perfectly with fragrant
gorse. Then fresh chilli comes in to bring an excellent extra kick!

Gorse Mythology

  • 50ml Bax Botanics Verbena – infused with gorse for 24hrs
  • 1cm square piece of fresh red chilli
  • 1 dessertspoon fresh grated pineapple
  • 10ml honey water (honey melted in warm water, then chilled)

Gorse grows wild on heaths and moorlands, You’ll recognise the yellow flowers from March
onwards. Other identifiers are the vicious spikes on the stems and the coconutty fragrance. Collect
just the flowers you need into a bag and do be careful I have a thorn stuck in my finger!!
To every 100ml Bax Botanics Verbena, add 10g fresh gorse flowers, and store overnight in a clean
bottle or jar.

To make the cocktail muddle together the chilli and pineapple with the honey water. Add the Bax
Botanics and ice. Shake, strain and pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

Foraging party with Chris Bax. Wild pea shoot in the foreground

This stunning cocktail is the ideal drink to pair with light dishes in warmer weather like small plates
of cured meats, smoky snacks and even cheese platters – if that’s not the perfect way to celebrate
the arrival of spring weather, we don’t know what is.

The natural goodness of wild flavours and the rich vibrancy of Bax Botanics distillations lend
themselves perfectly to chilled springtime cocktails. But foraging can feel like a mystery when you’re
new to wild plants and so we want to share some of our knowledge to bartenders, drinks
professionals and anyone who is super keen to learn.

This year Chris and Rose Bax have joined together Bax Botanics with Taste the Wild to offer a Zero
proof cocktail making workshop. This wonderful introduction to wild flavours shows you how to
identify and use delicious wild ingredients in alcohol-free cocktails.

Join Chris and Rose in their woodland kitchen to discover and make wild syrups, shrubs and other
ingredients to use in mixology and cocktails perfect for spring.
We chose late afternoon – early evening for the workshop on Sunday 18th June _  Find out more and book by clicking here