We know who makes Bax Botanics….it’s us!!!!!

“Most non-alcoholic spirits are produced either in an undisclosed distillery that also produces alcohol or in a manufacturing plant by copackers that produce other consumer packaged goods as well.”
Derek Brown – Liquor.com

Bax Botanics features in this excellent article by Derek Brown as one of the few completely alcohol free distilleries in the world!

We are very proud to be one of the few alcohol free spirit brands that make products in our own custom designed and built distilery.

We are in control of our ingredients, production and quality. We wouldn’t do it any other way!!  There is a place for all types of products in the market, but if you care about provenance, craft and authenticity, don’t forget to check who is making your alcohol free drinks.

Cheers to the true creators and artisan makers.

Read the full article featuring Bax Botanics here https://www.liquor.com/non-alcoholic-spirits-distilleries-7557697