Isn’t it exciting when you find a new friend? We have recently been featured on the alcohol-free drinks menu at The Ethicurean restaurant at Barley Wood Walled garden and we are over the moon!

The Ethicurean is based in a very special place. A beautiful and bountiful walled garden in the Mendip Hills of Somerset. The restaurant is set in the old apple store and serves up modern British food with an emphasis on organic, artisan and local produce.

The ethos of the restaurant really resonates with us here at Bax Botanics. Both companies are committed to using beautiful, natural ingredients to produce great taste.  Our drinks are inspired by nature and spending time in our woodland gives us that inspiration just as the walled garden at Barley Wood does for The Ethicurean.

As Bax Botanics received a Global Good Award for our care for the environment, The Ethicurean has won a prestigious Michelin Green Star in recognition of their gastronomy and sustainability. Everything they do chimes loud with what Bax Botanics believes in.

You should really check out their website and explore the amazing dining experiences they offer.

We are just about to make a booking!

Finding the perfect fit is always a cause for celebration. When two different things have strong commonality, it’s as if they were meant to be together. And we think that’s certainly the case with The Ethicurean and Bax Botanics.