It’s that time again. Trying to ensure your New Year Resolution doesn’t vanish in a cloud of cake. Exercise more. East less. Take a break from the booze. Dry January. That’s the tough one. But it doesn’t have to be. And that’s where we come in.


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Here are 31 reasons – one for every day this month – why Bax Botanics is THE drink of choice over Dry January. Why compromise on taste and luxury? With Bax Botanics you can have both AND a clear head. No morning after the night before. But that’s just for starters…


1. Be a Virgin Porn Star
Celebrate 2020 with Britain’s favourite cocktail: a Porn Star Martini mixed with Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn. Daring and provocative, served with no shame and no regrets.


2. Expect Nothing But The Best
Any mums-to-be missing a nice G&T this festive season? We got you covered. Reinvent a timeless drink with surprising botanicals, take a seat, kick off your shoes and relax. You deserve this.


3. Moreish Mojitos – With a Twist
It’s a classic cocktail. Simple, elegant and able to floor an elephant. But not this. Lime, mint and Bax Verbena. No booze, only bold botanicals.


4. Variety is the Spice of Life
There are around 1,200 plant species of in the verbena family. That’s why we use them in our alcohol-free spirits. So each drink is unique, surprising and delicious. Just like you.


5. Sustainability Starts With You
If you’re going to tackle Dry January, you might like to know that we only use sustainable ingredients. So that’s two reasons to feel good about yourself right there.


6. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
It took years for us to master which plants to use in creating Bax Botanics. But that’s our choice. We dedicated patience and time so you don’t have to. Enjoy a glass right now!


7. Experience The Taste of Europe
Verbena was first brought over in the 1600s by the Portuguese and Spanish for perfume. Now used in oils and herbal tea, we love its aromatic and delicate sensibilities. We think you will too.


8. A Rose By Any Other Name…
Our fragrant take on Rugosa Bitters is a virgin cocktail crafted to get you through Dry January with style. Mix Sea Buckthorn with rose syrup, tonic and soda, then relax into your day with ease.


9. Stay Strong. You’re Doing Very Well!
Maintain wellness this Dry January. Free from allergens, gluten, sugar and sweeteners, our alcohol-free spirits are also vegan friendly. Just pure, natural flavour. You’re welcome.


10. There’s Always Time for Tea
For a drink that’s truly uplifting, try a Verbena Iced Tea. You got bergamot, you got tannins, you got ice and lemon. Seriously, with this invigorating treat, you’ve got it all.


11. If It’s Good For Bees, It’s Good For You
Lemon Verbena is also called Lemon Beebrush because bees love it. Here’s another thing. Midges and flies hate it. The perfect drink for Summer, so let’s just pretend it’s warm and sunny. It’ll make things better.


12. Proof There’s Life After (Feeling Like) Death
The best thing about Bax is our strict no hangover policy. All the rich flavours and texture of a spirit, without the feeling of being kicked in the head by a furious horse. Seriously, it’s win win.


13. Take a Moment. It’s Worth It.
When the Dry January blues hit, go for a walk. Take time to look around you and soak up the nature that surrounds you. It’s good for the soul and so inspiring. It inspires us to do what we do. Every day.


14. Gin? That’s SO Last Year…
Juniper berries is the vital ingredient of gin. We don’t use juniper in any of our alcohol-free spirits. With so many botanicals, why travel the road well trodden? Where we go has no limits. Try for yourself.


15. Safe Botanicals ONLY
You won’t find wormwood in any of our drinks. After all, they use that to make Absinthe, and we think that life’s stressful enough already without terrifying mind altering hallucinations from The Green Fairy…


16. Check Your Head. Keep It Clear.
If you felt wobbly during Dry January, don’t panic. That’s just your body de-cluttering. By now you should have a clear head, all the better for living in the moment. And enjoying every moment. Cheers to that!


17. Nothing Wrong With Living In Sin
Time for another twist on a classic. Mix a Cosmo Sin with Bax Sea Buckthorn, cranberry and orange juice and a squeeze of lime. It’s a zingy start to your night – or even your morning. No booze, no judging!


18. Ride The River Wild With a Kick
OK, so we thought we’d follow one delicious cocktail with another zinger – because we can. Shake Sea Buckthorn with passion fruit, instant coffee, ice and soda. Voila: a Peaty River and a bubbly treat.


19. Renew Your Zest For Life
We’re proud that our ingredients won’t just make Dry January go faster, but they’re actually good for you. Lemon verbena is relaxing, caffeine free and full of health-boosting properties. That should take the sting out of the month.


20. Keep It Organic. Life’s Better That Way.
We only buy top-quality, natural organic botanicals. We don’t want nasty chemicals in the soil and you don’t need any inside you. So really, drinking Bax Botanics is a detox session in a bottle. Nice.


21. Drink And Drive? With Us, You Can!
If you enjoy a drink, being the designated driver can be a drag. But now you won’t miss out. All the flavour and decadence, but no alcohol, so no risk behind the wheel. What’s not to like?


22. Mixing It Up With Mother Nature
Sea Buckthorn bushes have both male and female plants. The male grow tiny brownish flowers, while the female grow orange berries. But don’t go tasting all berries you find in nature. Best leave it to the pros. That’s us by the way.


23. Embrace The Here and Now
The best thing about Dry January is that no alcohol gives you a chance to be present and in the moment. So often we look behind or to the future. Time to embrace ‘the now’ like never before!


24. Enjoy A Vintage Overhaul
There’s nothing old about our take on an Old Fashioned. Take Bax Sea Buckthorn, add tonic and mocha syrups, chunky ice and a strip of orange. Then take the rest of the day off. It’s on us.


25. Warm Your Heart This Winter
You don’t need alcohol for that warm feeling inside. Inspired by bonfire night and toffee apples, Hedge Hopper blends fruit and caramel with fragrant rosemary. Best served cuddled up by the fire.


26. Save the Planet – One Berry At a Time
We only use plants that are harvested sustainably. So no Elderflower. We believe there must be enough in nature for insects to pollinate the flowers that make berries for the birds. Call us old fashioned.


27. No Plastic, No Way
We’re mindful of the harm plastic does to our planet. That’s why we don’t deliver our bottles in plastic packaging, each has a reusable stopper and a corn starch seal. All natural, all the time.


28. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Glass
Dry January is almost done! But we’ll keep you going with a snappy Shark Bite. Sharp, sweet, salty and spicy, it’s when these taste combos collide in your mouth that alcohol-free cocktails really shine.


29. Own the Ritual
One of the things people who take a break from alcohol miss is the social ritual of ‘having a drink’. With us, just carry on as normal. All the craft, all the style, all the taste. All the time.


30. Health and Happiness In A Glass
Sea Buckthorn contains antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids. This has seen the plant used to fight aging, promote heart health and clear up skin. Seriously, this stuff packs a punch. Even when used in a punch.


31. Simply Perfect – Just The Way It Is
Celebrate surviving Dry January with a glass of either Sea Buckthorn or Verbena. The first with a satisfyingly bittersweet fruity profile, the second brightly herbal and refreshing. Serve with tonic over ice and enjoy.


So there you have it. As you can see, plenty of reasons why Dry January need not be as dry as you might fear. And this is why you need to try Bax Botanics Alcohol-Free Spirits today.

Either buy directly from the website or search on the map for retail stockists near you. So let’s raise a glass and wish you health, happiness and the best of luck for 2020!