We are proud to be supporting the Drinks Trust at this years’ Cocktails in the City event in London.

It’s the first drinks event London has seen since the easing of lockdown and the industry is hoping it will spark things off in the capital. Times have been incredibly hard for people in the trade, with thousands losing their income. Cocktails in the City have called this event the Community Spirit Edition and every drink sold will raise money for those most affected by recent events.

The profits are going to The Drinks Trust charity, and we are delighted to be helping out in our own small way.

There will be 30 of London’s most innovative bars joining the weekend long celebration in Bedford Square Gardens. Chris and I are thrilled that Bax Botanics will be there on the bar of The UK Bartenders Guild, that bastion of the profession, that is the oldest bartenders guild in the world!

Known as the UKBG they are renowned educators and supporters of the highest standards within the drinks industry and are partnering The Drinks Trust with support for their ‘beloved industry’

Heading up the bar will be Declan Mcgurk, ex The Savoy, this will be the first time he’s served cocktails in public since lockdown and he told me he’s looking forward to “a bit of face to face time, serving people, making drinks!” This year they are serving cocktails featuring sustainable spirits and Bax Botanics will be joined by Nadar Gin – the worlds’ first carbon positive gin and Copalli rum – the super sustainable rum from Belize. The three cocktails have been created by bartenders from the Savoy showcasing each of the drinks with individuality and flair.

Declan, vice president of the UK Bartenders Guild, is giving total support to the Drinks Trust. “We’re there for charitable reasons, driving money and awareness for the Drinks Trust. I think that the industry is in a very challenging period and the Drinks Trust represent the best form of trying to help. I think with sustainability it’s a word-bite that needs to be continually driven home. We’re not there for any commercial gain and we don’t have an agenda of trying to have our revenue streams enhanced and thus being here is a real no brainer. Everyone’s got a responsibility to try and drive awareness in the right way and I feel with this the whole picture is driving positive awareness.

The Sustainable brands, the bartenders, Cocktails in the city, all of us are working towards driving positive awareness of the difficult situation the bar industry is in and through positive action we can all strive to help people and the planet.

Head to the UKBG stand to get a great Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn 500ml cocktail created and mixed by the amazingly talented Nic Medicamento!