We all know how damaging alcohol can be for our bodies and minds. Amongst other things, avoiding alcohol means better sleep, better skin, and a much-appreciated clear head in the morning. Chris and Rose Bax created Bax Botanics alcohol free spirits to give people the satisfaction of a well-made drink and the opportunity to enjoy mixs and cocktails and without any foggy repercussions the morning after.
Their alcohol-free spirits are made with organically farmed, natural botanicals, and have been carefully designed to be free of any unnecessary additives. The drinks themselves are free from both sugar and sweeteners, so they make a wonderful alternative not only to alcohol, but to the sugary soft drinks that are often presented as a good alcohol-free swap.
Sugar free, natural and allergens free, means the drinks are ideal for anyone embracing a healthier lifestyle or controlled diet. As well as those with diabetes Bax Botanics drinks are suitable for all kinds of ‘free from’ diets. They’re vegan, gluten free, and of course alcohol free – meaning they’re also perfect for mums-to-be.
The ingredients have been selected for much more than their taste. By harnessing the natural self-preserving properties of plants, berries and botanicals, we’ve eliminated the need for any synthetic additives and preservatives in our drinks. For example, Citric Acid (naturally derived from citrus fruits) helps to reduce the PH of our drinks, meaning they don’t need to be refrigerated to stay fresh! Likewise, Potassium Sorbate which is often produced synthetically, is a natural component of Rowan berries that works to inhibit the growth of mould spores.
As well as it’s fab natural credentials, our Bax Botanics alcohol free spirits have an impressively low calorific value. Due to its lack of sugars, fats, and carbohydrates the drink itself contains just half a calorie per serving. This half calorie is simply the result of the essential oils from the botanicals used in the distillate, which combine to create a calorific value of just one! We don’t mind that it’s not a perfect zero-calorie drink, as some of our customers have said; “it’s good to know that there is something in there!”
Of course, this calorific value can change depending on your chosen mixer. Part of the joy Bax Botanics is its sheer versatility, and you can make your alcohol-free tipple as healthy or as indulgent as you like! For a classic serve, we recommend Fever-Tree Premium tonic for its nice bubbles and robust flavour and Fever-Tree Mediterranean for a lighter, fresher note. However, if you’re feeling more adventurous why not check out some of our luxurious non-alcoholic cocktail recipes on the new ‘Cocktails’ page? Recipes like our ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘The Velda’ and ‘Hedge Hopper’ show that not only can making cocktails be great fun, but they can be healthy too!

Regardless of how you choose to mix your drink, Bax Botanics provides a natural, healthier, and more sober alternative to alcohol. We’ll cheers to that!